Prejudice hides feelings of inferiority.  We admire what we judge, the perceived other’s freedom, honesty, or strength in the face of challenge.  We fear we couldn’t rise to the same […]

We can go toward anything, and gain more of it as we go on, if we accept feedback from the universe about whether our actions work. Some things we want […]

We can believe thoughts that hurt, or ask ourselves, what happier story holds more truth? We choose the universe we live in by the details we focus on, to dwell on a moment of […]

No one wins against reality.  If we align ourselves with reality, we place God on our side.  We can work with what exists to create what doesn’t yet exist.  The […]

To love one thing unconditionally we must love everything unconditionally.  To label something our child, our lover, our pet, creates a condition, and one that may change. Yet nothing real […]

In badmouthing anyone we badmouth ourselves, for wasting time in their company, not helping, and focusing on ugliness rather than anything else in existence.

Tiredness comes from doing too much or not enough.  We can do more, and less, and notice which helps.  We can try different things, and see if they help more.

Only one competitor matters: oneself.  Only one moment matters: now.  Did we do better than last time, in a way that matters to us? If not, how might we?

Notice one’s strengths.  Increase fitness, flexibility, and skill.  Pursue goals that matter personally.  Bond socially.  Laugh.  Touch.  Notice what’s real and trust in it.  Then, notice what’s more real.