Whatever others do, whatever happens to us, we control our entire experience.  Our response to what comes makes us weaker or stronger, our lives sadder, or happier.

Pain comes not from lack but from desire.  Notice how we prefer what exists to our dream.  Doing so creates our true goal, contentment. Now peaceful, we can more easily pursue […]

Only good people exist.  Sometimes we believe we must do things we dislike to find happiness. Instead we can ask ourselves, what happiness already exists in my life?  How can […]

Love means acceptance, the opposite of judgment.  Judgement always feels bad.  Making choices based on reality feels better.  Decide to love and release, or love and continue. This applies to […]

Greater joy lies 100% within our control in every moment. Circumstances, which we can improve with our choices, may make enjoyment easier.  But happiness comes from what we focus on […]

Notice one’s strengths.  Increase fitness, flexibility, and skill.  Pursue goals that matter personally.  Bond socially.  Laugh.  Touch.  Notice what’s real and trust in it.  Then, notice what’s more real.

We dislike ourselves for not being God.  This thought hurts because it lies.  We are God. Does something watch us always?  Does something care about everything we do? We do. […]

We enjoy things that match our image of a good reality.  To feel good, go towards what we envision, focusing on our improvements, until we reach satisfaction.

It can seem callous to enjoy things while others suffer.  But if our pleasure doesn’t matter, neither would theirs.