Form, Consciousness, and the Source

Our bodies will disintegrate, return their energy to the Earth, and become one with it.  Earth will disintegrate and become one with the universe.  Will the universe also disintegrate and become one with other universes?

At any rate, creations here will dissolve.  Shall we spend more effort on something that may continue?

One can still meet responsibilities, enjoy pleasure and recreation.  We choose how much attention, action, and time we expend.  We may evaluate whether it feels worth it.

So, what might continue?  What inhabits the body, which some call a soul, the higher self, or our true nature?


What makes up consciousness?

Memory, desire, the ability to make choices and to preview (imagine) outcomes.

Into what does consciousness disintegrate, in sleep, and in epiphany?

The Source.  What Is.  Some call it God.  The absolute.  Awareness.  The truest truth.  Everything, all together.

Why do we go toward the Source?

Because it feels better than anything else.