How to Become God

The Source of All Energy makes up everything, from a zit to an atom, from anger to love.  The closer we go to our pain, fear, or anything that seems imperfect, the better it becomes, until we get close enough that everything bad disappears.  It never existed.  Only good/God does.

Every moment we can ignore God, or join God by becoming aware.  Intelligence holds no bearing on Awareness.  Feeling does.

Awareness feels like bliss.  To choose with awareness, we can notice our infinite options and take those that feel best.  We can seek thoughts that feel better and act in ways that feel better, until doing so becomes ingrained and instinctive, instantaneous, and then faster, to the point that it transforms everything, going backwards as well as forwards.

We become Awareness, able to know all, do all, connect with and experience All, this moment, here, and everywhere, forever.