How to Change Behavior

First, admit what we desire, to one’s self most of all.  We can get what we honestly want.

Second, get the entire nonphysical world behind this change.  Nonphysical change always precedes physical change.  Meaning, feelings alter all behavior.  Do we want bodies we love?  Then love our bodies, and treat them that way.  Do we want love?  Then drop side projects to make oneself lovable.  To feel and receive love, give love.

So, to gain any desire, imagine the feeling one wants to create with this thing.  The physical manifestation will cease to matter.  Then, it arrives.

Those two steps complete the process.

We can become closer to what we want using what we control, our attention, actions, money or energy.  When we do what we can, what we know, or try something new, more possibilities reveal themselves.

All along the way, the point of everything – growth – comes.

As long as we live, possibility exists.  We can play with our surroundings, our bodies, and our senses, to find what we do better than any other soul, what we want to give to shape this plane into the ideal already developing in our minds.

Every time we act, guidance comes.  Pain tells us not this way.  Joy tells us this way.  What we love best reveals our purpose.

We can recognize when we move toward our purpose, with awareness, by the feeling of ease.

But everything already came.  Relax.  Focus on what we want, and notice three ways that we already got it.  Three ways in which we can perceive a real benefit.

In this practice, what we want comes.  Not in the future, now.  Not from others, or outside circumstances, from us.

It already came, as everything did.  We only need to reveal how to ourselves.