How to Create Better Multiple Lives

We all want to live as much as those who will kill to live, and those who will accept anything to live.  For this moment, we live.  Only this moment exists.  Only this moment ever will exist.

In this moment, we can help ourselves.  This will help everything.

Lying in bed, or lying in a pool of blood, we can help ourselves.  Nothing will make us, but we enjoy conscious creation above anything else we do.

Do we want to transform a mood, idea, or something physical?  What would create a better moment, day, life?

Even the suicidal want to create a better life, to create nothingness versus pain.  But as long as we live, the possibility exists that we’ll make this life better than nothing, that we’ll make this life good, even miraculous.

Improving ourselves, by improving this life, would improve any future lives that come, to us or to others, in five minutes or in two hundred years.

Inexplicable fears may come from past lives, from pain we so wanted to learn from we brought it with us.  Exploring pain lessens it.  The more we understand, the less we keep to draw our attention to something we can improve.

Fear of anything creates it now.  Fear of loneliness makes us lonelier.  Fear of poverty makes us poorer.  Fear of paralysis makes us more paralyzed.

We choose what to make real.  Do we want to make it so things only happen with our consent?  Done.

Multiple truths exist simultaneously.  We paralyze ourselves with fear, things only happen with our consent.  So, maybe in another life, definitely in this one, why did I create paralysis?  Did I not like my direction and decide to change?  How do I want to change?

I wanted a better life.  What makes a paralyzed life better?

Now that I know, can I move without hurting myself?

What can I move, my thoughts?  These move my beliefs.  I can move my eyes, and thus, exercise.  This helps my blood circulate.  Blood moves through my whole body.

Eye exercises improve vision.  I can see better.  I want to share the better things I see.  People can type with their eyes.  I can write.  My writing can move.

When I write, I don’t feel paralyzed.  Maybe my writing helps others not feel paralyzed.

Eye exercises and writing help, so I continue.  My mood rises.  My circulation increases.  This makes me a better candidate for treatments.  My eyes fly to move a cursor to research how to heal paralysis.  I find more ways to move, and to move others like me.

Now, how do we most want to move?