How to Create Everything

No God exists.  God exists.  These mean the same thing because no separate God exists, everything combined equals God.

We act as our God and create our everything.  We perceive things as good or not, changeable or fixed, and act.  This changes us, and our reality, which changes Everything/God.

Nothing needs fixed.  Everything can improve.  When we improve something we feel connected to Everything, because we work in alignment with Everything.  Everything shows us what works and doesn’t.  We can adjust.  Flexibility feels good.

We can change physical things, but mostly we want to change nonphysical things: ourselves.

If we react to something with discomfort, we’d like to change it.  We can most easily change our perception.  Perhaps thinking, no God exists, feels sad.  Sadness comes from the belief in loss.  What did we lose, a certain relationship with God?  We can still enjoy that because we create the relationship, we make it more real or less so.  If it helps, if it feels good, make this relationship.  If something else helps more, or feels better, make that.

We can ask our feelings, do I want this, and know for sure whether we do.  When we consider an option, do we feel more relaxed?  Does it feel like stopped energy, or circulation?  Do we feel stronger or healthier when we consider certain alternatives?

Does this feel good?  Would another way feel better?  Can we release some details to gain what we want with more ease?

We don’t need to improve everything.  We can improve this moment, and now this one.  We experience a series of nows, which we can make better and better.

Trying to force things resists reality.  We want to act on love, not fear.

All levels of violence show us where our fears lie.  Do we kill spiders?  Do we punish ourselves?  Do we shout at our family?  Did we scare ourselves by thinking we can’t care for them and ourselves?  Did we tell ourselves, I can’t do this, and I’ll never improve?

Making excuses feels bad.  We’d rather make things better.

Excuses excuse nothing.  Explanations can make things easier to understand.  But actions that make the most sense make sense on their own.  It makes sense to improve our energy.  It makes sense to work with reality.  It makes sense to enjoy ourselves.

Everything brings us back to ourselves, to what we create, to the moods and realities we feed.