How to Dissolve Physical and Mental Pain

We can hold pain for awhile.  Joy holds itself.  When we relax, we join happiness.

To release pain, focus on something else.  If one can’t manage that yet, focus on the pain.  Explore it with the body and mind.

How does this feel right now?  What do I think of this now?  And now?  This shrinks pain.  My back hurts becomes a spot on my back hurts.  What kind of pain, what shape does it hold?  The more one tries to experience it, the more it disappears.

What do we long for?  Riches, enough to buy one thing, or enough to use the thing for an hour?  Could we notice it for a full hour?  For a full minute?

When we eat something delicious, do we focus on something else before we finish chewing the first bite?  Do we chew fully, or swallow too soon, so food feels uncomfortable in the throat and moves more slowly through the body?

Do we want a person, a particular afternoon with that person, or to feel as we did for a moment on that afternoon?  Do we feel that way now?  Did we feel it any more then?  Do we feel it more now?

This technique lets us enjoy anything we ever enjoyed, anything we believe we’ll enjoy.  Then pleasure fades, as pain did, for the same reason.

We can imagine pain comes from missing something not present.  Pain actually comes from missing the present.