How to Expand Consciousness

These practices help one feel better, manifest things faster, and spread more good:

1.  Enter this moment.

We can evolve every day.  Turn attention to where it will do the most good.

2.  Increase self awareness.  Surroundings reflect one’s state.  Consider questions like:

  • How does this feel?
  • What might this suggest?
  • What deserves focus?
  • What might I do?

Good answers make one breath easier and feel better.  Act on the best.

3.  Connect with higher states to boost energy and function at a higher level.

  • If feeling bad, aim to feel neutral.  One might deepen breathing, imagine a void, brainstorm solutions, or take a small positive action.
  • If feeling nothing, look for positives, or improve something meaningful.
  • If feeling good, consider what feels better still.  Truth feels good.  Deeper truth feels better.  Turn awareness toward it.

What lies still deeper?