How to Find Proof

We can prove things to ourselves by doing what feels better and observing how well it works.  This builds our trust for when it tells us things where feedback comes more slowly.

But we don’t need proof to know what to do.  Does something constantly observe us?  We ourselves do.  Does karma exist?  What makes us happier, behaving well or poorly?  Would going vegan spread more kindness?  I asked some plants.  They said they’d rather I eat them than animals. Their kindness awed me.  They sensed this and said, no, fewer of them get eaten that way.

Well, good, more plants will exist, to purify the air for us, those who come after us, and perhaps for future incarnations of us.

Sometimes we avoid observing things.  We think we can’t improve them, or don’t want to.  But anything we want, we can pursue ourselves, and can appreciate any amount of help received from any source.  Also, whether or not we notice how we perpetuate a problem, we want to improve it.

Our predecessors improved our lives.  We want to build on their foundation, to retain the gains from previous good choices and make better ones as they become obvious.  We want to live aware lives.

To simplify decisions, we can make personal rules.  When did one last regret reducing our carbon footprint, treating others with kindness, or doing a little better now rather than later?

If we do feel regret, we can amend our rules, leaving the good parts in place.

We can’t skip things.  This training universe returns them to us.  We can choose how we do things.  Begrudgingly or wholeheartedly.  Exploring pain or joy, and spreading the good we learn there.

If stuck, we can reconsider our strategy.  Symptoms come from solutions.  What did we try to solve?  Could we solve that with more effect and ease for all?

Two things motivate us, pleasure and improvement.  So do we enjoy this?  Does it help?  Would we enjoy something helpful more?

Do our ways feel generic, or customized?  If we started fresh, with all our current knowledge, how would we act?  We can act in those ways now, learn more, and again start anew.