How to Know What to Give

We know miracles exist.  Most of us can taste, and touch, and learn to give ourselves orgasms so well our skin seems to leave our body in a way 100% pleasant.  To enjoy miracles, we need only notice them.

When we choose to do something of less obvious fun we can, if we want, make it more pleasant, by turning our attention to what we like about it, or going about it in a way we prefer.

We can notice the love showered on us from every direction, rather than the harm others or other things seemed to cause.  How did that harm us?  Did it make us stronger, more independent, kinder, more open?  If not, we closed ourselves.  No one made us, nothing could.  So nothing can keep us from opening.

When we notice the way love comes to us, from the sun, from Earth, from our senses, our bodies, others, we perceive what we value, and what of value that we want to give.

What can we do well?  What, even done badly, feels worth doing?