How to Recreate the Universe

We comprise our entire God.  If we consider something okay, that makes it so.  Our feelings tell us if we find our behavior acceptable.  Rather than judge, we can ask, how can I improve?

Thoughts lie.  Feelings tell the truth.  We can seem to make mistakes when we interpret feelings.  But mistakes, like everything, take us toward our greatest desire.  The design of the universe allows nothing else.

Every universe holds only perfection.  Every universe holds us.  Everything expresses another version of us, every person, animal, form, and dream.

Dreams hold as much reality as waking life, because consciousness creates experience.  Whatever we notice, we experience.  What we create creates a new reality, a new part of ourselves.

Everything mirrors us.  To improve it, we can improve.  If we cringe when someone treats a child with impatience, we can stop our impatience, with them and everywhere.  We can remove big pieces to reveal smaller ones, or chip at any part, until more crumbles.

The duty to change what we want lies in us.  If we want others to act or treat us differently, we can figure out how to make that happen.

All responsibility lies with us.  This gives us power over everything in our existence.