With joy, everything becomes good.  Without it, nothing.  Yet seeing one thing as good makes its opposite bad.  To free ourselves, notice the good in the bad, and anything we […]

Calling something impossible seems to save us the effort of creating it.  But how does it feel to deny our dreams?  Would it feel better to even attempt to approach them, […]

If we’d like others to fulfill our fantasies, sexually or in any type of relationship, we can ask ourselves how we fulfill their fantasies.  This remains safe, because the choice […]

We can receive with a clear conscience.  Letting another add value to our life gives them a gift, as improving the energy of another gives us a gift. We can […]

Greater joy lies 100% within our control in every moment. Circumstances, which we can improve with our choices, may make enjoyment easier.  But happiness comes from what we focus on […]

Neither meanness nor selfishness exist.  Confusion does.  We think we want to compete with, harm, or use others, because we believe we want to use ourselves. Would we rather enjoy […]

Eat cooked mushrooms.  Eat a healthy vegan diet.  Practice calorie restriction with optimal nutrition.  Increase physical fitness.  Increase mindfulness.  Go toward happiness. Do any of these more, or combine them, to […]

Doing what we want provides energy rather than using it.  The more we want to do something, the more energy that action provides. Energized feelings guide us to our happiest […]

Chew fennel seeds.  Greener ones work better.  Grocery stores often sell them in the spice section. Press or massage the area of pain, as firmly or softly as desired. Do […]