Only good people exist.  Sometimes we believe we must do things we dislike to find happiness. Instead we can ask ourselves, what happiness already exists in my life?  How can […]

Whatever we dislike, we hold some of that in aspect in ourselves.  We can look for it, and, to reduce it in the world, reduce it in ourselves, in our […]

Accept your dreams and go toward them. The most dangerous thing we can do is tell ourselves no when our whole heart wants to say yes.  

Love means acceptance, the opposite of judgment.  Judgement always feels bad.  Making choices based on reality feels better.  Decide to love and release, or love and continue. This applies to […]

We do what we hate to get love. To gain love, we need only notice what we love.  We feel love when we give it.  To receive it, we must do […]

With joy, everything becomes good.  Without it, nothing.  Yet seeing one thing as good makes its opposite bad.  To free ourselves, notice the good in the bad, and anything we […]

Calling something impossible seems to save us the effort of creating it.  But how does it feel to deny our dreams?  Would it feel better to even attempt to approach them, […]