Ask: Do I choose relationships based on what matters most to me? Do I talk about important things, or unimportant things? Do I do important things, or unimportant things? Do I show my true self, or hide it? Do […]

We can believe thoughts that lift or lower our mood.  This lifts or lowers moods around us.  The effect spreads. We can create things.  Our creations’ effects also spread. We can cause pain, […]

One can do two things: Add Subtract To know which to do, choose one’s current mood from this list: Restless Tired Listen to that mood: Restlessness tells one to add value to existence. Tiredness […]

We experience four levels of consciousness: Unconscious Unconsciousness –  not noticing that conscious choices improve existence. Conscious Unconsciousness – knowing conscious choices improve existence. Conscious Consciousness – making conscious choices. Unconscious Consciousness […]

We sense rightness.  Using this sense to make choices transforms existence. For that, we can consider options and notice how they make us feel.  Better options make us feel healthier, happier, and more alive. […]

What would you like to create, a form, or a feeling? What form, or what feeling? Ask yourself, how might I do that? You must go toward what you want. […]