Stages of Development

We want to grow.  Practice increases our ability.  Higher achievements feel more rewarding.

Levels of growth include:

1.  Survival

We find ways to support ourselves, and improve those ways.

2.  Enjoyment

We use extra energy for fun.

3.  Power

We imagine a new reality, move toward it, and enhance these two skills.

4.  Acceptance

We perceive more.  Many things fade to unimportance.  We release them, lighten, and increase our capacity to love.

5.  Expression

We learn and practice ways to spread goodness, most of all the way we do this better than any other.

6.  Consciousness

We see through false beliefs: that we are our bodies, that we are our thoughts, that limitation exists.   We watch from a state of freedom.

7.  Oneness

We balance.  Boundaries melt.  The illusion of difference and separation become transparent then invisible.  All seeming opposites become the same, danger and safety, emptiness and fullness, holding and releasing.  They, we, all lie within each other.  All exist at once.  Everything always did, and always will.