The One Thing that Postpones Joy

We put off joy, by placing conditions on it.  We can release them.

While trying to improve things, we can notice good in them.  If it seems we’ll die, we may appreciate that now we live.  Or, if life now feels bad, that death will soon release us.

Can we not accept death?  Since we accept death, can’t we accept everything?

Acceptance releases us from all bad feelings, both of them: fear and desire.  We fear what we think will reduce life.   We desire what we think will expand life.  But do fear and desire stress our minds and bodies?  Without them, might we live more?

Yielding to the moment makes us feel the peace of God, of the earth, of plants and animals.  Animals feel natural, not wild.  Wild celebration attempts to cover feeling bad.  It destroys.  We can instead enjoy what we enjoy, and help what we enjoy less.

This teaches us.  A friend can leave, but opportunities to make friends remain.  We can strengthen our ability.  Skill at finding joy lasts.

If we believe in any afterlife, death doesn’t last.  If we believe in nothing after life, death doesn’t last.  Why waste what we could use to make ourselves more alive?