How to Create Well-Being

Notice any good feeling in the body one inhabits.  Remember what increased good feelings in the past.  Practice those ways again.  Consider adding more.

We might:

Focus on positive things.

Do what matters most to us.

Balance our needs with those of others.

Relax by any safe method that works.

Rather than dwelling on pain, move toward solutions, such as health, abundance, or happiness.

Get enough rest.

Move more.

Build strength.

Increase range of motion.

Fast for 14 hours (women) or 16 hours (men), to let the body rebuild.

Eat more fiber.

Eat lightly, but enough.

Eat less sugar, fat, and salt.

Eat whole foods over processed ones.

Eat more nutritious foods, like vegetables and fruit.

Meet desires in better ways.  Taking all their effects into account, one may prefer air popped popcorn to chips, a hot shower to hot chocolate, or a nap to a purchased massage.  One may prefer satisfying work to a high salary, and deep questions to light entertainment.