Why to Contribute

What dream so fuels our passion that failing at it for a lifetime sounds better than succeeding at anything else?

We can create a better world, better lives, anything and everything better.  We can effect ourselves and our surroundings and, from this, learn to effect more.  We can start now, in any way.  Better ways will occur to us, and more of them.  They’ll fit together with the good others do, perhaps motivated by our example, or helped by something we shared.

Others already shared many things with us, from pleasures and comforts to information and life itself.

No one else ever left us out, only we did.  But at any moment we can decide to learn something of value to ourselves and others.  We get to choose what.  What can we do that will help us consider ourselves acceptable?  How can we, today, become more a part of everything good?

The more of ourselves we give to something, the more we enjoy it.  We can give our focus and our energy.  We can respond to everyone, and everything, more like a beloved soul mate, as part of ourselves, until we connect with so little resistance we don’t require self defense, because no one fears us.

We want happiness for ourselves, and for all.  How shall we realize this, and say this, and show this?

Loving takes no effort.  Holding back love takes effort.