Why to Learn and How to Live Longer

We all live our dream, every moment.  We form our existence by what we hold in our consciousness.  To transform our experience, we can change our focus, words, and actions.  Every consciousness can weed itself, and grow its own desires.

What we learn to improve becomes a source of strength and adds to our abilities.

We leave this plane to grow faster.  Nothing can destroy what matters except what matters more.  Change comes at our call.  To remember how, we can ask, what do I want that this gives me?  When we answer this, we free ourselves to advance.

Every moment, our bodies tell us how to proceed.  They speak like this:  When tired, rest.  When restless, move.  When stressed, do less.  When bored, do more.  When happy, continue.  Otherwise, change.

To know where to change, we can ask, does this work, feel good, and come easily?  If not, what might?

We can improve this.  As we do so we feel more energy.  When we notice the great things we create, wonder fills us.  For, if we can do this, what more can we do?